Ice Fishing

Do you want to try ice fishing but do not own any gear or equipment? This Ice Fishing Adventure trip was designed just for you!

Ice Fishing Adventure

Demonstrating how to set up and ice fishing rig.

Meet us at the Lazy “K” Ranch, our winter retreat Frelinghuysen, New Jersey. We will provide all of the equipment, drill your holes, and cook a hot lunch on the ice. Receive one on one instruction on the basics of ice fishing. We use our private three-acre pond with natural Bass and Sunfish. Our guides will show you a good time and walk you through the basics.

In addition to our private water, lakes we typically guide include Lake Hopatcong, White Lake, Swartswood Lake and Lake Susquehanna.


$250 for up to four people.

Make sure you dress warmly and have proper footwear for walking on ice. We will bring the equipment, set you up and keep the fire stoked.

  • Perfect for the beginner who wants to try out ice fishing
  • No equipment required
  • No license required on private pond, required on all public waters
  • Children accompanying parent are free
  • Five hours of guided instruction
  • Includes lunch, warm drinks and snacks

Wood Duck PondThe pond on my farm.

On the grounds of the Lazy “K” Ranch is an approximately three and one half acre lake which supports a healthy population of Bass. This pond is shared with our two neighboring properties, one of which is the Frelinghuysen Forest Preserve (FFP), fishing is restricted or prohibited on the FFP side due to the sensitive wetland environment. According to aerial photos, a small farm pond existed in front of the spring house in 1933. Between 1933 and 1954 Wood Duck Pond was enlarged and created using spoils from the shale mountain called “Buck Knob.” The stream feeding Wood Duck pond and leaving the pond is enhanced with a natural flow out of the spring house. This keeps the temperature from rising too high in the summer. This pond serves as our private ice fishing preserve in the winter due to its limited access from the ranch.

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